At Reusables UK Ltd we have a simple idea - Stopping plastic waste by providing the infrastructure to allow the reuse of packaging.

We aim to stop as much plastic as possible from entering the environment. That meant we needed a concept that reduced any obstacles for the general public to use it, and one that collected and reused as wide a variety of packaging as possible. And we believe we have developed one that can do this and much more. Explore our site and see what we can offer and how you can help.


We will add another refuse collection service, collecting reusable packaging from customers in a similar manner to the way the council collects paper, recycling, garden waste and general waste etc. Collection will be once every 4 weeks (to ensure the average number of items collected per household is enough to make the service viable - 80 items per household of plastic and glass waste).

Products that are reusable will be marked with our logo. We will provide customers with heavy duty bags branded with the Reusable logo, although we will accept supermarket bags for life if the customer runs out of branded bags. We will leave a replacement bag for each bag collected.


Collected bags will be taken to our collection centres. There they will be emptied and the contents will be shipped to our centralised processing centre for collating and washing through the automatic washing machines.

After washing the packaging will be sold back to the companies that manufactured the packaging - to their UK distributors. They can then resell the packaging to their customers. This will enable packaging producers to design more expensive, reusable, products as they can recoup the extra expense through reselling the same unit multiple times.