Christmas Inspiration

Christmas Inspiration

Tuesday 29th December 2020

Christmas has been and gone and left behind a reminder of why I started this business in the first place. The house is full of plastic tubs of chocolates that our local council can't recycle. Biscuit tins that are such good quality they could be used again by the biscuit company, but instead I'll have to bin. And from the Chinese takeaway we had the other day (because we just weren't consuming enough calories...) there are four plastic tubs in good condition that the council can't recycle.

Helping reduce plastic waste is a big part of the inspiration behind Reusables, but at its heart it is simply about wanting to see perfectly good products used again, rather than just wasted. It's about not having to stuff bins full of cellophane and bubble wrap because someone bought you a £5 ornament. It's about a simple solution to simple problems - stick your reusable biscuit tin in a bag labelled "Reusable" and someone will collect it from outside your home and make sure it gets reused rather than thrown away.

Wish I had the service up and running right now just for me!