Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Tuesday 15th December 2020

Reusables UK has two visions. One is to help reduce plastic waste. The second is to help transform lives through providing opportunities. Opportunities for steady employment or to start your own business.

For people just looking for steady employment our central sorting depots will offer good pay for hard manual work. We will be prioritising employing those who have never worked before or haven't worked for a while. We are not a charity, we'll be expecting you to work hard for your wages. But we'll also be giving you the opportunity to get into the workforce and get additional training and development.

For those with a desire to work for themselves our collections services will be outsourced to small local companies. We want to encourage people to start new businesses - small operations collecting our bags from their local areas, taking on as many streets as they think they can manage. We expect to pay 50p per full bag of undamaged reusables collected. On average this would be £2.00 per household, with an efficient crew able to do a sixty households per hour in suburban areas. £120/hr revenue - more if you come up with more improved collection methods. For hard workers or smart workers there is the opportunity to earn very good money, and learn how to run a small business. Income and experience that could change peoples' lives.